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One-Piece Saliva Drug Screen
Oratect is the only FDA Cleared on-site Saliva Drug Screen
on the market.

All of the other saliva drug screens are not legal for use in employment testing.

Oratect is an accurate easy-to-use one piece saliva drug test.  
Results on-site in just minutes.
Collection and testing in one integrated device
-Increased sensitivity of drug cut-off levels
-Donor performed test with minimal administrator supervision
-Rapid collection and testing: results in 5 minutes
-User-friendly and non-invasive
-Avoids gender observation
-Eliminates sample adulteration or contamination
-Built-in confirmation for chain-of-custody testing

Tests for all Drug Free Workplace substances including: 
- Marijuana 
- Cocaine/crack  
- Amphetamine 
- Methamphetamine including Ecstasy 
- PCP (Angel Dust) 
- Opiates/morphine (such as heroin)

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Saliva drug test device

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Oratect saliva drug screen is
$14.95 each in packs of 25.  
Volume discounts available

FDA Cleared and Made in the USA


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Lab Based Drug Testing:

When you use lab based urine drug testing, you are not just paying for test results. You are also paying for downtime while your employee or candidate visits an off-site collection facility. If you multiply those costs by the number of tests you perform each month, you will see the real cost of your drug testing program. Saliva drug tests are cheaper, faster and less invasive than lab based urine drug testing.

Saliva Drug Test Comparison by Brand

Feature Oratect III Intercept
Skilled Test Administrator Requirement None None
Special Collection Facilities None None
Sample Adulteration Potential None None
Travel to Collection Facilities None None
Chain of Custody Issues None None
Confirmation Test Process GC/MS GC/MS
Administrator Contact With Sample None None
Drugs Tested 6 5
Time to Results (negatives) 7 Minutes Days
Cost of Confirmation Test $25.00 N/A
Cost Per Test $14.95 $40.00
Total cost per 100 tests including confirmation (assuming 6% non-neg.) $1645.00 $4000.00

In the above example both brands feature GC/MS testing in a SAMHSA certified lab for all non-negative results.  They also offer MRO services for the non-negative tests which is exactly the same as lab-based urine testing.  And to be fair, they share some advantages over lab-based urine testing as well.

The notable differences are highlighted in yellow.  The difference in costs of $2355 is a significant factor in deciding which test to use for most companies.

Confirmation Testing:
Industry standards require a laboratory confirmation of all non-negative drug test results. Oratect confirmation services utilizing the original saliva sample.  The saliva drug testing is done by Clinical Reference Lab in a SAMHSA certified lab. Confirmation result are reported in 24 to 48 hours. MRO services are also available.

Administrator Training:
Free web-based training is available for all Oratect products. Administrator training takes less than half an hour.

Call (800) 231-1584 for additional information on our drug test program.

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