saliva alcohol test Saliva Alcohol Test Strips
Alcohol test results in 2 minutes

The ALCO-Screen™ Saliva test can be used any time, any place.  Each strip test is individually wrapped and disposable after use. 

Ideal for on site alcohol screening, the ALCO-Screen™ test substantially reduces the time and equipment cost associated with other alcohol testing methods.  

Tests from .02% - .30% blood alcohol content

The user places the cream-colored pad that is fixed to one end of the test strip directly into the mouth to wet it with saliva. Any alcohol present in the saliva will turn the pad green. 

The more alcohol present in the saliva, the darker the color will be.  The user compares the color change against the color standard printed on each foil package to estimate alcohol level. If no alcohol is present, the cream color remains unchanged.

ALCO-Screen™ From $2.29 per test in packs of 24

   DOT Approved Alcohol Test

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