One-Step Express Collection Saliva Drug Test*

This is a fast, accurate and easy to use saliva drug test.  From collection to results in 5 minutes.

User Friendly
One-Step collection and testing 
-Eliminates transfer of specimen to a separate device 
-Indicator for sufficient saliva collection

-Fast collection time (1 to 2 minutes) 
-Minimal saliva sample size (.03 ml) 
-Quick results (available within 5 minutes)

No Urine  
-No need for restroom facilities 
-Eliminates cross-gender collection issues 
-Prevents sample adulteration or contamination

Saliva Drug Test

Made in the USA

  Drugs of Abuse Test Cut-off Levels:
  (OPI) Opiates  10 ng/ml
  (MET) Methamphetamines 25 ng/ml
  (MET) Ecstasy 25 ng/ml
  (THC) Marijuana* 40 ng/ml
  (COC) Cocaine 20 ng/ml
  *Parent THC

This item is no longer available pending PDA approvial.


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Why Use OratectXP?
This saliva drug test provides employers with a quick, low cost way to screenemployees on-site in just minutes. In post accident or reasonable suspicion situations you can screen for all of the major drugs of abuse on site in just minutes.
Saliva drug testing samples can be collected anytime, anywhere, without the need for special collection facilities. Because each drug test collection can be directly observed, the risk of adulterated samples and chain of custody issues are virtually eliminated.

Lab Based Drug Testing
Using lab based urine drug testing, you are paying not only for test results, but also for downtime while your employee or candidate visits an off-site collection facility. If you multiply those costs by the number of tests you perform each month you will see the real cost of your drug testing program. OratectXP saliva drug tests are much cheaper, faster and less invasive than lab based urine drug testing.

Administrator Training
Free web-based training is available for all Oratect products. Training takes less than half an hour.

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